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Karen Kline

Santa Fe, NM  87505


Montel Williams
The Montel Williams Show
356 W. 58th Street Suite 1001
New York, NewYork 10019

Dear Montel,

Enclosed is a copy of a letter I just wrote to Mr. Cisneros, HUD, who was on your program last week. Actually, I started the letter yesterday, but was uninspired. Today, the text of the letter came to me as soon as I sat back down at my computer.

Again, I think your emphasis on voting and public issues is major worthwhile.

Further, if it is true that only 27% of us are voting, and clearly everyone who owns a company or is a CEO is voting, then your encouragement to the other 73% of us is great. I believe that only when non-voters have received a bit of consistent encouragement, to believe that their vote does count, will non-voters become voters and begin to play the part we all need each of us to play.

Finally, I hope you are thinking about doing an IRS abuse show and a National Sales Tax with quarterly refunds to low income people show. Two shows, on a subject like this, a few months apart, would hardly be too much.



I look forward to watching the shows I’ve suggested, as well as your shows on many other subjects. (Is that too pushy? too Sagitarian, as per my earlier letter?)

Karen Kline
Karen Kline

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