Bound Letters Sent to Congress

When I complied my letters about IRS abuse of taxpayers in order to send them to the Congressional Committee on Taxation and IRS Oversight, I decided to put the most recent letters first.

Thus, the first part of my Bound Letters is composed of letters I had most recently written.

Over the off-white card used as a cover to the letters, there was a see through plastic cover, to protect them. The off white was a lot more subtle than the light yellow which is the closest color to hand in SiteBuilder.

After Kinko’s bound the letters for me, with a black plastic spine, the Bound Letters looked quite good, and I hoped the attention I paid to their presentation would encourage at least someone, if not a few people, to read them.

Although the presentation was fairly costly, and I had little money, I sent the Bound Letters to a number of people I hoped would help to materialize Reform of IRS.

Bound Letters Part 2 is composed of slightly older letters. Etc.