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Karen Kline

Santa Fe, NM 87505


Margaret Milner Richardson, IRS Commissioner
12th St. and Constitution Ave. N.E.
Washington, D.C.  20500

Dear Ms. Richardson,

I will point out to you that Linda Martinez is not my advocate. She is paid by IRS, goes to work in an IRS building, her co-workers are IRS, the friends she spends her coffee breaks with are IRS. She is an IRS advocate, writing IRS oriented letters to me time and again, stating how IRS is right.

IRS is not right in this. IRS was not right to levy me for 1984 in 1991 when I had paid 1984 in 1985. Nor was IRS right to put me out of business in 1994.

The time to have reviewed the tax accounts was prior to putting me out of business, wouldn’t you agree?After her last letter, two people said how sincere it sounded. Yes, I agree, it did sound sincere. Still, the comments of these people reminded me of the young fellow who escaped from Jeffrey Dahmer, only to be forced by the police to go back into Dahmer’s apartment, where he was killed, because Jeffrey Dahmer sounded sincere. People have often said how sincere Ted Bundy sounded.

The fact that IRS reminds me of serial killers is related to the fact that IRS took what I need to live. IRS is killing me, just as surely as these serial killers killed people. I will enclose my December 9th letter to Don Boroughs, US. News & World Report, that references how my situation now is directly related to the fact IRS took from me my livelihood: what I need to live.

If you think there is no relationship between IRS and the pain that serial killers cause, think again. Since IRS took all of my money, I have not been able to secure for myself the healthcare that I need. Prior to IRS’s abusive actions, I went, one to three times a week, for body work, to control the pain I have as a result of a series of car accidents. Without this healthcare, I suffer a huge amount of pain,
daily. Last year the pain was so acute that it caused me to gasp when I made the slightest movement. This year the pain is much better. Yes, the pain wakes me up at night, but still, it’s better. Further, I was supposed to keep monitoring the fibroid I have, but because of IRS taking all of my money and putting me out of business, I have not been able to do that. I was supposed to get dental work to finish a partial that was being made for me, I could not, because of IRS taking all of my money and putting me out of business. The old partial that I am forced to wear as a result of IRS’s abusive actions, is broken and I cannot eat the things which contribute to a healthy diet: carrots, apples, etc. In late 1994 I had a lump on my breast, and while the doctor said I should have a mammogram, I didn’t have the money for it, because IRS had taken all my money, and the doctor couldn’t arrange it for free. This spring I had a severe problem that caused my eye lid to sag as well as causing pressure in my head that made it feel as if I was going to black out. Again, I could not get medical attention because of my financial situation which is directly related to IRS taking all of my money in 1994 and putting me out of business.

The life to which I have been condemned by IRS, acting on IRS errors, is not appropriate to the hard work that I have engaged in all my life. From the time I was eleven, I worked, putting myself through high school where parochial fees were required. From the time I was eleven, I bought all my own clothes: I made a quarter a morning for babysitting two neighborhood children — only another nine kids were always along on the outings to the park, the walks, etc.

The thing about this is, I bet my profile is also that of most people whom IRS destroys: hardworking people who aren’t rich enough to defend themselves.

In view of the fact that my life has been made untenable, my plan is clear, when I have either no more money, as for instance when my tenant leaves, which may take place in August, or prior to being evicted, I will kill myself to show exactly where IRS’s abusive actions lead.

Since Admiral Boorda’s death, I have his picture, the one run in Newsweek’s Beneath the Waves, on my desk. I urge you to get a copy of that magazine, the May 27th issue, and look at that photo. There is a man who was doing his best. He wasn’t perfect, but he was sure working hard. And, he didn’t meet standards. I can certainly understand how he came to decide to kill himself. Were the medals worth it? Certainty Col. Hackworth who wrote the sidebar material seemed to think that they were. Which to me reflects how IRS will say that they were right, and I just couldn’t stand the appropriate pressure.

You be the judge, was the pressure that Newsweek and ABC put on Admiral Boorda worth what it cost? Is the pressure IRS put on me, and is putting on me as a result of them putting me out of business, worth what it has done to me and is doing to me?

There is no point in me trying to provide for my well being in my old age, since IRS has no respect for that and has destroyed the little that I had put together. I have no desire to live on the street, and prefer to die rather than live the kind of life to which IRS has condemned me: the fact is that I cannot create any security for myself.

Here is an important question, which needs to be addressed: has IRS played a role in creating the record number of foreclosures and bankruptcies now taking place, as per NBC evening news 6/18/96. Because my mortgage company told me that they have many people in foreclosure because of IRS. I believe that of the people suffering these reported economic disasters, a higher percentage were among the 2.9 million people IRS levied in 1994, then were not, and that many of the people IRS levied were not able to survive economically, so that their economic deaths are now taking place.The penalties and interest IRS charges hit the poorest people the hardest, so hard, in fact, that I believe the penalties and interest, as well as IRS enforcement activities, are abusive and should be called precisely that: an IRS abuse of human rights.

If you can show me that you did not levy me for a year that I had paid, 1984, and if you can show me that you took out from the amount you collected by unreasonable enforcement, “unreasonable” because you put me out of business, well knowing that would be the result of your actions — in fact, I would say that the punishment you carried out against me, for being without money because I was between commissions, was “cruel and unusual” except that you do it to people so often that it is hardly unusual — in 1994, all the wrongly charged interest for years that you wrongly involved in 1984, then I will admit that I am wrong, and I will send copies of my letter to you, acknowledging my error, to everyone to whom I have previously written about your unconscionable behavior based on errors.

If you were not right, then what are you going to do about the harm you’ve done to me and are doing to me, besides trying to talk me into saying, gosh yes, it was just an inconvenience and of course I accept your apology for inconveniencing me. If you have something genuine to say, put it in writing.


Karen Kline
Karen Kline

Enclosures: 1984 papers, letters to Don Boroughs, U.S. News & World Report, andF. Whitaker, IRS

Copies to Mark Cox and many others

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