As mentioned in my 8/21/96,
letter to Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary

Based on the IRS tax accounts below, I have to ask, “If you know accounting, would you say these are TOO creative ? ? ? Could this be where Arthur Anderson and Enron got their ideas?”

Notice how my 1989 account is at 0.00 on 3-25-91, but then an amount from the major screwed up 1984 (8412) is transferred in.




Again, notice how my 1985 account was at 0.00 on 02-09-87, but then in 1993 amounts from 1984 (8412) were transferred in and I had to make subsequent payments.



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Notice how my 1990 account was at 0.00 on 02-06-93, but then on 03-29-93 an amount from 1984 (8412) was transferred in and interest wasmassessed so as to eat up the credit.


I have an explanatory note
on the bottom of the following

“Net ” page:


The 1990 Tax Account is the one
before “Net Figures” above.

As an aside, I wrote part of this in green in deference to my grandfather who was president of the American Farm Bureau Federation and wrote with green ink. Back in the 40s and thereafter, that was pretty innovative.

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