“Same” 1984 IRS Tax Account,
showing IRS errors and IRS irregularities
reformatted and printed by IRS in 1996 —


My old copier went blue when it got tired…




What the Post-It says relates to the 1st page:

Entry # 2 —   I filed 1983 late w/ this payment for that year
Entry # 3 —   the date has been changed from 85 to 95: see IRS’s 7/26/94 printer copy & my check
Entry # 9 —  disregarding my return, filed in 86, IRS “assessed” what I owed & had paid ~

Copies of the amount owed page of my 84 return, my withholding statement and check, and IRS’s 1991 levy were enclosed with my June 19th letter to IRS Commissioner Richardson, to which this most recent IRS letter says it is responding.


As an aside, there are 34 entries
in the above 1984 Tax Account,
as opposed to 45 entries two years earlier….


What the Post-It says :

This gives the impression that I was allowed to keep the $613.66.
The impression is false: when I refused to repay it, I was levied again,
that is, all of my money was taken out of the bank and none was
returned, for me to live on, until I agreed to pay what IRS wanted.

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