Letter to Assistant Managing Editor, Bill Meyers, Business & Technology, U.S.News & World Report, about my IRS problem, about people saying the IRS agent appeared to have a personal vendetta, about IRS investigators, purse snatching, being foreclosed, eviction, killing myself and abuse by IRS.

Copy —

Karen Kline
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87505


Bill Meyers, Assistant Managing Editor, Business & Technology
U.S. News & World Report
2400 N. St. NW
Washington D.C.   20037


Dear Mr. Meyers,

The day you called I left on a motor trip during which I hoped to finish the story I’m writing, as well as see the Grand Canyon one last time. Only when I arrived home over a week later did I find the notes that people left for me to call you, but without your number.

When I went to the library to see what position yours is, I saw that the IRS article was already published, and I leafed through it to see if it was the one on which Don Boroughs and David Butow were working. When I didn’t see my photo, I read the material about the people who were used in the article and figured you no longer wanted to talk to me. I could see that their stories were as depressing as mine.



A day or two later Constance Foster, with whom you spoke, came over with a copy of the article and pointed out, to my surprise, that I was in it. Thereafter, I read the whole of the article.

There are four things I would like to point out in relation to the material that involves my IRS problem. First, when I paid 1984, IRS put that money into 1985, which wasn’t yet due, and charged me penalties and interest for 1984. I had no taxes owning for any prior year. Second, after writing IRS repeatedly and sending them copies of my check, withholding statement, and tax form, in 1993 I wrote to President Clinton whose Director of Correspondence, Marsha Scott, forwarded my letter to IRS. It was only then that a refund was issued for one of the two times I paid 1984. A few weeks later IRS demanded the money back. Third, I have been levied not two, but three times: in 1991 for 1984, about a year later I was levied with no notice, and in 1994 I was levied prior to having two commissions taken, which put me out of business. Fourth, I would not call the letter I sent IRS last April 15th “bitter,” but “considered. I quoted the parts of Your Rights As A Taxpayer, which IRS had violated in my case, listed the consequences I had suffered as a result of this, and stated, “I do not believe it would be right for me to continue to pay taxes to you.” This year I will file a shorter letter saying it would be immoral for me to pay taxes to IRS in view of their abusive treatment of people.

Incidentally, in that April 15the letter I referenced the fact that three individuals had independently asked me if the agent dealing with my case had a “personal vendetta” against me, as it seemed that way to them. When I received no response, I asked about this again and again. Toward the end of January, 1996, two IRS investigators visited me, saying they had come to help only they didn’t think there was anything they could do. They were here for about two hours, and were very nice. The thing is, they never asked me for the names of the people. I would have thought they would have done that. They did, however, ask me if I had a gun. I do not. I told them two stories from London that illustrate, at least to me, why I don’t need a gun: one night when I had my purse full of silver I had just finished polishing, I was a silversmith at the time, a young fellow grabbed my purse, but I wouldn’t let go, I need the money from the sale of the silver to provide for my young son. Instead of letting go, I said, firmly, “I know your mother.” I thought she was probably just like me and wouldn’t want her son to do anything bad. The young fellow let go and ran away. The other story involves a man breaking into my flat when my son and I were asleep. When the noise woke me I couldn’t initially work out where the break-in had taken place, and I hoped it wasn’t between my son in his room and myself. In fact the man had come in through the kitchen window. I slept in the living room, effectively at the door of the kitchen. I said, “What do you think you’re doing?” and leapt out of bed, aiming to grab my bracelet mandrel from next to the kitchen door, and hit him with it. I don’t know what he thought, but he went right back out the window. So, I said to the IRS men, I don’t intend to get a gun, I certainly wouldn’t kill myself with a gun. I’m just going to keep giving out my little yellow cards, and I gave them each one, until my property is foreclosed and I’m facing eviction. Then I’m going to kill myself. No one else.

The other day, along with a second note from Connie about your call, it was slipped into the crack between the door and the jamb, I found foreclosure documents taped to my front door. I mostly use the side door, you see. I suppose the documents were taped there while I was gone.

Thank you for including me in your article.


Karen Kline

Karen Kline

P.S. I’ll enclose copies of the letters that appeared to have been the cause of the IRS Investigators’ visit. They had copies with them.

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