Copy —

Karen Kline
Santa Fe, NM 87505


The Honorable Robert Rubin, Secretary of the Treasury
15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20220

Dear Mr. Rubin,
Because the response I received from IRS today, like the vast majority of ones that preceded it, is not truthful, it in no way satisfies me. To enclose a form referring to a refund for 1984 in the amount of $613.66, made on 3/29/93 according to IRS’s form, but actually made on 3/26/93 according to a copy of the check, and not enclose a copy of the form dated 4/5/93 in which IRS demanded back that $613.66 plus $23.93, totaling $637.92, for 1984, is egregiously misleading.

Enclosed is a copy of the check, the form, and IRS’s demand that I return more money than it sent.

Further, the IRS envelope was chock full of sheets of lists of numbers. Really, I am not interested in having these numbers in yet another form: they have previously been sent handwritten as well as computer printed in a range of faint ink. While these are bright black with new formatting, no amount of repetition changes the fact that I was levied for 1984 in 1991, when I had paid 1984 in 1985.

I once sent in a list of events by date, each with the money involved, to show that health problems, trying to bring my son here, and little pay, all had contributed to me filing late: please would IRS abate their penalties. IRS responded that not having money to pay IRS was no excuse. My list could have been interpreted a number of ways, but that is the way IRS chose. Following that experience, I find I am not amenable to being sent lists by IRS, especially when their extension form stated that full payment must be sent with it, in order for it to be used.

How completely tacky of IRS to write me saying, “We regret you believe penalty and interest should not be charged when tax returns are not filed timely and taxes are not paid timely,” when what I disapprove of is IRS taking all of my money, 1994, and putting me out of business when its numbers were not correct, having denied my right to claim back interest for other tax years IRS wrongly involved in my 1984 account: IRS refused to go over its complicated, 45 entry account with me. The new account has ten entries deleted. Isn’t deleting evidence of its errors tantamount to “obstruction of justice”? After IRS has destroyed everything I worked for, aren’t these deceptive records egregiously wrong. I will enclose copies, please compare them for yourself.

If IRS trusts that I will kill myself soon, thus putting an end to my irritating voice, if it plans to use words similar to those of David Hackworth after Admiral Boorda killed himself, “I was in total disbelief…” see the enclosed article, if it plans to say, “We never thought she [Kline] would do it,” you must relate that with the fact that Ralph Castillo came here from Phoenix, saw my distress, asked if I had a gun, being interested in the safety of IRS, and left, never responding to any letter. Please read my 7/14/96 letter to him. I enclosed a photo of the plant blooming, and would do the same for you, but I have only $110, at the end of which will come my death. I wish it were not true that my death will be required in this fight with IRS, but I believe that it will be: only when I am dead will the reality of what IRS does be undeniable. My death will say volumes about the meaning of an America where IRS dominates. And, knowing that the media has not covered the IRS story, I am not relying on it to cover my death. I am writing many many last letters to mail just before I do it.

Luckily, an unexpected $130 allows making a dozen extra bound copies of my letters to IRS, to include this and my previous letter to you. Note that Henry Cisneros’s office forwarded to IRS the set of letters I sent you beginning with a response from Merrill McLoughlin, Editor, U.S.News & World Report, and ending with my letter to him. I have sent out dozens of copies of that set, on its own.


Karen Kline
Karen Kline

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