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hydrogen sulfide 325Hydrogen Sulfide Damages Health

The environmental report below shows hydrogen sulfide existing in areas in my condo. What is important about this is that if you read my notes kept while living in this small amount of hydrogen sulfide you will see how greatly it affected my health.

The amount of hydrogen sulfide in my condo was .6 ppm, an amount equal to that which was said at the time to be safe in working environments. Today the limit has been raised to 10 ppm. Read more.

Testing Equipment Inadequately Calibrated

Taking note of the great impact on my health of a very small amount of hydrogen sulfide is important because the testing equipment used to test air in many working environments is not calibrated low enough to catch such small amounts. The result of calibration aimed at catching only higher amounts of hydrogen sulfide is that people working in those environments which are known to contain hydrogen sulfide are told they are safe when in fact their daily exposure may well be similar in their 8 hours of work to that which had very damaging effects on my health.

Admittedly I was in the hydrogen sulfide 24/7, which is three times more exposure than there would be for someone working an 8 hour shift.

For me, the more I fell the less I left my condo. The more I fell, the less I walked at all because of the tremendous insecurity I felt when I was on my feet. I went to the store where I could hold on to a cart to walk, and I went to the casino because that’s mainly sitting — and the interesting thing was that when I was driving home from the casino I always felt so much better than I had been feeling, which I attributed to a sense of having won. I always felt as if I had won. In reality I think I felt so good because I had been out of the hydrogen sulfide.



What Jobs or Home Environments Put You at Risk?

If you work in or live near a sewage treatment plant, oil and gas drilling and refining; if you have ignored a missing cap on your sewer pipe clean-out; or, if you have allowed water in an unused sink trap to evaporate away, there can be low levels of hydrogen sulfide that may be affecting your health at different points, but primarily your nervous system, breathing, and soft tissue.

Steps to Take if You Are at Risk

If you have a missing cleanout cap, replace it; run water in your unused sinks and showers to fill the traps so that sewer gas can’t come into your home.

If you live in an area of oil and gas drilling, or you work in a sewage treatment plant, then it would be good to have at least two Epsom salts soaks a week. Epsom salts will remove some of the toxin and it will reduce swelling, even the swelling that is internal so that you can’t see it.

Taking Milk Thistle will cleanse your liver which is dealing with the toxins. Milk Thistle is highly effective. Read more.

What has helped me most is Methylcobalamin, the active form of vitamin B12. It has helped me recover a great deal of the feeling I had lost, and while I still bump into walls and lose my balance a fall, I am a lot better than I was.

Because Methylcobalamin regenerates nerves it helps with memory recovery, and it improves memory. More about Methylcobalamin.

I find it extremely hopeful that Methylcobalamin has helped me recover as much as it has. I am not entirely recovered, but I am quite a lot better. And, that makes me think I can regain even more health.

Environmental Report for my condo

The environmental report below shows the very small level of hydrogen sulfide that caused so much health destruction for me.

CERL Environmental Report


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