Karen Kline
Santa Fe,NM 87505

Alice Rivlin
Budget Director c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20500

Dear Ms. Rivlin,

Having seen you on the News Hour and having liked how you think and express yourself, as opposed to Senator Domenici’s joking and finger pointing, I am writing to you. Also, writing to him did no good, and, as a result of IRS abuse, my home, and the property that I was relying on taking care of me in my old age, appear to be going into foreclosure on January 4, 1996.

There is a story by Don Boroughs, to run January 1, 1996 in U.S. News & World Report, that mentions some of the problem I have had with IRS.Perhaps you would take a look. What his story does not mention, is that I am planning to kill myself to protest IRS abuse.

I say abuse only after careful consideration of what has happened to me in relation to IRS’s improper, to the point of corrupt, if corrupt means, degraded with unsound principles or moral values, handling of my tax accounts. Please consider this question: Is it not in the most basic terms, unsound for IRS to take all of someone’s money, while failing to correct evident errors in IRS records?If it is true that in a recent year 2.3 million Americans were levied by IRS, then isn’t it possible IRS abuse is a major factor in the growth of militias, and a significant factor in the destruction of the American family? When families lose their homes, and the businesses upon which they depended, I believe children in those homes tend to suffer abuse at the hands of their over-stressed parents, but in reality, are suffering that abuse at the hands of IRS. I believe that if it were studied, IRS abuse would be found to be a worse problem, in terms of health consequences, than is nicotine.

I read once that losing one’s job is as devastating as is losing one’s spouse, or a parent, in terms of causing depression. I know that all I really had in my life was my work. I am not married, I have no family.

I put everything that I had into my work, not just money but hope and expectations. When IRS took all of my money last year, not leaving me enough to renew myreal estate license, buy car insurance, or pay my Realtor dues, I was put out of business. And this is after maxing out my credit early in the year in order to send IRS money. To which IRS responded that I should get a different job, one that would allow me to pay them regularly. I mean, I find that a horrifying thing for them to have the audacity to say. I deeply believe that it is wrong for IRS to take all of someone’s money, but worse, is the fact that IRS makes errors they refuse to correct, and at the same time punishes people to such extreme extents.

From January 4th I will write and stockpile letters to mail my final night, three or four weeks thereafter. Do I have the fortitude? In London, when I and the man I had been living with were breaking up, I felt so bad for my son, since my father had deserted and I knew what being fatherless was like, and I felt so responsible, that I decided to pour a kettle of boiling water on my foot, in order to accept and at the same time alleviate the pain of my guilt. That was toward the end of 1975 or the beginning of 1976. St. Bart’s may or may not retain records this long.

There was a time when I was in such extreme daily pain from sleep deprivation, resulting from IRS threats, that I considered immolating myself at an IRS office. From that time, I came to believe that IRS behavior which regularly results in this kind of pain, is in fact torture. And, I am in no way exaggerating. Now, since Don Boroughs called, I sleep five or more hours, and am no longer capable of such a dramatic, but painful, end.What I hope my action will achieve, is to focus attention on this prevalent form of abuse, so that other people may be saved from the pain I am experiencing. I hope that people begin to see that a form of tax like a National Retail Sales Tax would prevent this kind of needless destruction of people.

The point of my second set of letters, will be to demonstrate to people that they cannot pretend they did not know this was happening, I really want people to recognize that they, each and every one, need to change this system. Unless they like what it is doing.


Karen Kline

Karen Kline