Copy —
Karen Kline

Santa Fe, NM  87505


The Honorable Robert Dole

Hart Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Mr. Dole,

I agree with you that you were at a disadvantage with the setup for your rebuttal speech to the State of the Union.

The reason I am writing to you, however, is that I must tell you what your tax code writing has done to my life. I do hold you responsible for this, you see. And I try to explain enough of the particulars of the situation you have manifested in my life to people with whom I come in contact, every day, for them to understand what I mean by the enclosed card. That is, I talk to the cashiers at the grocery store and the gas station, the librarians, the people at Motor Vehicle and the people at the post office and at Kinko’s, etc.Obviously you weren’t the only legislator involved, but the key role you played should be made known to everyone who might consider
voting for you, since voting for anyone who participated in bringing this unconscionable code into existence is voting for what is being done to me and others like me. And what is being done to me is wrong.



I will enclose my letter to Don Boroughs of U.S. News & World Report, written after the article he wrote didn’t appear, my letter of earlier this morning to a “friend” and a letter to the mental health people she contacted. And, to clarify why I hold the language of the code particularly to blame, I will also enclose copies showing where IRS made its first harmful error.

I don’t know if you remember my grandfather at all, Allan B. Kline, he was president of the Farm Bureau when Benson was Secretary
of Agriculture. My grandfather was constantly arguing with Benson. I only mention this because the other day at Kinko’s the man next
to me at the cut and paste table and I got to talking about Washington, he had been there when my grandfather was, and did remember him.

In terms of my grandfather, a staunch Republican, whom I loved, I think he was misguided in not helping me with my education. If the Veterans of Foreign Wars had not given me a scholarship, I would not have gone to college, at least not when I graduated from high school. Also, because my grandfather was a particularly busy man, his children suffered. He did a great job at work, but my father was neglected, and my father deserted many times when I was a child, until when I was 11 he didn’t come back. I mention this because the values you subscribe to, and there we have another writing type word, are deeply questionable. A tax cut for the wealthy is not a good idea. Don’t you really think that kind of thing affects crime? To me, it is a crime and it engenders crime. Don’t you really think that the stock market rising on the backs of the newly unemployed is not a good thing? What I want to ask you to do, is to start thinking about people more, and money and wealth less.


Karen Kline

Karen Kline
Copy to the Veterans of Foreign Wars

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