Donald Skadden was Executive Director
American Tax Policy Institute

This is my cover letter, talking about IRS abuse, that I sent to Donald Skadden when I copied to him my letter to Alice Rivlin. It was this letter and the letter to Alice Rivlin that the Treasury Agents had with them when they came to my home.

Copy —


Santa Fe, NM  87505


Donald Skadden

Executive Director
American Tax Policy Institute
P.O. Box 6198
Washington, D.C. 20044-6198


Dear Mr. Skadden,

I would like to bring a serious problem to your attention, and having written to Alice Rivlin, whom I have seen on television many times, so that I am able to write to her as if I knew her, I am enclosing a copy of that letter for you, hoping that you look at it and consider the problem that it raises, that is, the problem of IRS abuse.



What that letter does not say, and perhaps should, is that when IRS chooses to abuse a person, that person has no defense, unless they happen to be wealthy enough to hire a lawyer. And while there are places that victims can go who have suffered at the hands of individual, there is no place a person can go who has been attacked by IRS.

If IRS were careful not to hurt innocent people, or careful not to extract forms of punishment that are too extreme, given the nature of the offense, I could not use the language that I do.

I am distressed by what I plan to do, but I do plan to do it. I feel that someone must make a difference, and it looks as if I’m in a position to do that, since I am alone.

Why don’t I get a gun, join a militia? Because someone has already blown up a federal building, and the point, whatever that point was, was obscured by the fact that innocent people died. Perhaps if I, an innocent person die, people will be able to see what IRS is actually doing. Because it must be seen, before it can be stopped.

I hope that you are able to, and indeed do, look into the deleterious policies now in effect at IRS. And, I am curious, why hasn’t this already b?


Karen Kline

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