7/16/2014 ~ On April 7, 2008, Wells Fargo filed a Foreclosure Complaint against me and my home. However, Wells Fargo did not serve me the complaint. But, as luck would have it I wanted to check an old court case using Case LookUp, and there to my surprise was the Foreclosure.

I immediately began fighting the foreclosure, propelled by a lot of fear since I had lost my condo to a foreclosure auction about which I had not been notified, and I as not allowed to redeem because I was not the first to file after the sale. Of course, I couldn’t be the first when no one notified me, so I guess Wells Fargo thought that Deutsche Bank’s approach had worked really well, so why not go that route.

The New Mexico First Judicial District Court judge, Daniel Sanchez, who was in fact the very judge who signed the foreclosure judgment against my condo, in which it was written that I had not answered the Foreclosure Complaint, when in fact I had filed an answer and it was on record, said it didn’t matter that Wells Fargo didn’t serve me.

Yikes. The very basis of justice in court is being “served”, so that you know about the action and can work to protect your property. Understanding Due Process ~ Read more.

Be that as it may, Judge Sanchez was a real cheer leader for Wells Fargo and its slew of lawyers. I was on a sinking ship, so to speak, until I asked a few people to come to court with me to support me, so that the judge wouldn’t be ruling against me as if I was a nobody. Which in fact I was as long as I was alone.

Once there were people in court, sitting behind me, things began to go a lot better for me. I am, in fact, still in my home.

However, there’s new activity in the case, and… I’m worried.

There’s clearly good reason to be worried given that my trust in the legal system was devastated by my condo being foreclosed and sold without proper notice to me, with the additional insult (corruption) of the very same judge saying in this case that it didn’t matter that Wells Fargo didn’t serve me, or that Wells Fargo presented false affidavits regarding service.



And, it’s not just me being treated this way. Democracy Now ran a segment earlier this year about the “Foreclosure Attorney Procedures Manual – internal use only” in which Wells Fargo outlines for its attorneys how to proceed to get the documents needed to foreclose, when in fact those documents aren’t legitimately available. Democracy Now Discusses Wells Fargo Foreclosure Document Fabrication Manual ~ Watch the segment.


What augments the stress, which is so bad for nerves, is that the people in positions of authority who are supposed to be looking out for the rights of American citizens, are instead lackeys (read formerly employed as the lawyers) of the Big Banks.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (right) and Lanny Breuer, head of the Justice Department’s criminal division (on the left), were partners for years at Covington & Burling, a Washington law firm that represented a Who’s Who of big banks and other companies at the center of alleged foreclosure fraud…

While Holder and Breuer were partners at Covington, the firm’s clients included the four largest U.S. banks – Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo & Co. Read more.

 7/19/2014 ~ when I wanted to add the picture of Holder and Breuer from the Reuters piece, Insight: Top Justice officials connected to mortgage banks, my WordPress program in connection with Google (since all WP sites are edited online) refused to let me add images or links. The first day I was still able to use Internet Explorer to add pictures and links, as well as my old computer. The second day, however, Internet Explorer no longer worked, but my old computer did, until I allowed Norton to do a “security” update. LOL. I guess it was interested in protecting Wells Fargo’s security because after the update the Add Media and linking functions no longer worked. Happily, I’ve found a “work around” since Barbed-Wire-Justice is still locking me out of adding links and images via the normal tools.

Is Holder helping Americans?

Back to the basic topic of this page

While your experience may make it clear to you that stress affects your health, it may help you to know how that works, scientifically, so that you can better protect your nerves and your health.

From the scientific perspective what happens is that your telomerase, which is essential for longer telomeres, is decreased by stress. The end result is that stress shortens your telomeres and short telomeres are related to illness and earlier death.

Emotions, Stress and Rate of Telomere Shortening: Are Our Cells Listening to Us? is a video of a lecture by Elissa Eple who studied and documented the role of stress in telomere shortening. The lecture is excellent because it it’s both scientific and at the same time clear in ordinary language, supported by easy to grasp graphics and examples from studies that relate to a lot of us. Watch the video.

Blaming yourself over and over for events which would be long past, except you keep them uppermost in your mind, is one of the biggest stressors that you face. You can, however, beat it if you bring yourself into the present and escape the self-blaming ruminations that lead to shortened telomeres. All you need to do is look at what’s around you and choose something that you’d like to look a lot better, then focus some energy every day on making that actually look better. How I transformed a room and my mind ~ Read more.

Once you’re giving your nerves some breathing room, and feeling better for it, you can more easily and more efficiently fight any wrongful foreclosure you are facing.

For instance, rather than worrying and blaming yourself, when in fact the blame may more accurately be placed on Wells Fargo, you can address aspects of the case that are basic. For instance, does Wells Fargo actually have the original note associated with your mortgage? The original note most likely was traded by Wells Fargo innumerable times for overall huge profit. In most cases Wells Fargo didn’t keep track of the notes because they were bundled together for ease of trading. When you demand that Wells Fargo produce the note, you are establishing grounds to help you preserve your home.

Keep in mind that without the original note, Wells Fargo is without the proof of its ownership of your home.

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